Natural de Fosse' (Deodorant)


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Natural de Fosse' (Deodorant)

Effectively neutralizes odor!  Our bodies needs to sweat. Sweat regulates our body temp and keeps us cool, but  odor from bacteria  forms on the skin  and who wants that? Our Natural Deodorant made with pure, organic ingredients, inhibits, bacteria and eliminates odor, while forming a protective barrier, reducing wetness.  A Yummy Apology creamy de fosse' blends go on smooth with the perfect  fresh blended scents to leave you fresh and confident.

Ingredients Aluminum free Sodium bicarbonate (baking Soda), Arrow Root, Coconut, magnesium, essential oils, vitamin E

Suggested Use: Use finger tips to apply a dime size amount of the cream in the arm pit area as needed.