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Compressed Paper Beauty Mask 5 pack

Introducing a Korean beauty secret! The compressed facial masking process that is effective and convenient. These wonderful little tabs can absorb any liquid or serum you choose.  A favorite is green tea. Just drop the tab into the liquid and in a couple of minutes it absorbs and softens. Then peel the mask open and apply. Leaving on from 5 to 15 minutes. The paper will absorb oils and dead skin cells leaving skin fresh and clean. A true at home spa experience usually only available at the spa. We recommend using one tab per week. Gentle enough to be used daily.

How to use:

Choose liquid/serum of choice. Remove tab from plastic and drop into bowl or cup of liquid let it absorb for a few minutes.Make sure you cleanse face before applying mask. When saturated, pull the mask open with fingers and gently apply to  face pressing gently to mold onto face and under chin. Remove when ready, usually 5-20 minutes and discard mask into trash. Continue with usual facial care such as toner and night cream. 

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