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Beard Oil Mens Facial Serum

This is a hydrating facial serum that is great all around for all skin types. Anti aging and beard loving.  Also, Everybody crazy bout a well-groomed beard! Keep the beard soft, manageable and, smelling fresh with this serum/ beard oil. Not only does it smell fantastic, clean and fresh! It helps the skin underneath stay hydrated, any flakes at bay and leaves a nice sheen. This is a double duty styling agent! Only a drop or two needed. 100% plant oils, scented with the highest quality essential oils! 

Suggested use: 1-2 drops rubbed between palms then applied buy running fingers through beard/hair and massage down to skin.

Ingredients: organic sweet almond, organic jojoba, organic castor, organic rosehip, carrot seed, Vitamin E, Jasmine Absolute, Juniperberry, pepper

2 oz


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